A Guide to Choosing Underwear

Our friends over at Queer-Voices helped us publish a quick article that serves as a, Guide to Choosing Underwear. If you have ever questioned your choices in picking the right pair of underwear for yourself or perhaps are still in search of the perfect pair, have a light read by clicking the "READ MORE" link below, and maybe it will answer some questions for you! 

"Choosing underwear can present itself as a daunting, tedious and frustrating task. There are copious amounts of underwear and apparel brands vehemently advertising their skivvies, word vomiting buzz words faster than a vegan at Whole Foods. But whether or not the fabric is organic and locally sourced, the design is patent protected or a dollar of all proceeds go to a heterosexual in need (likely wearing ill-fitting boxer shorts) - what underwear ends up in your pants is completely up to: you."