Top 5 Underwear Styles for Men

Top 5 Underwear Styles for Men

Long gone are the days of dad’s gross boxers that your mom bought for him at discount. While there’s nothing wrong with living frugally, there IS something to be said about wearing a nice, crisp, bold piece of underwear. No one else can see it, no one else knows what you’re wearing, but you know.…

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Top 5 gifts for Gay Men

Top 5 Gifts for Gay Men

Do you need to get your friend the best gift ever, but you’re not quite sure what? Well look no further, here’s our totally extensive, but not exhaustive list of top 5 gifts for gay men! Underwear: If you haven’t heard this old wise tale before – you best believe. Gay’s men LOVE their underwear.…

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Buying the Best Underwear for your Partner – What to Know

buying underwear

Buying apparel for a partner can be somewhat of a challenge, especially underwear. Let’s face it, when you’re buying for a partner, you’re likely also buying for yourself. After all, you want the finest underwear to ensure your partner is always looking their finest. There are a particular set of challenges that are often faced…

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Dirt Squirrel Rainbow Pride Collection

Dirt Squirrel Rainbow Sweater

At Dirt Squirrel Apparel, we love being a part of a widely diverse, unique and creative community. We get to experience different walks of life, seeing how people thrive, while also seeing barriers specific to our many different community members’ success. While most cases are unique, there are some overarching things we can do both…

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What is a Dirt Squirrel?

What is a Dir Squirrel

You may be wondering what a Dirt Squirrel is and we’d be lying if we said we have never been asked this question before. So, let us tell you! A Dirt Squirrel is spontaneous, boisterous and always a little off topic. Someone who often displays moral inconsistencies or questionable character. They have an affinity for…

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What are Joggers?


To put it simply, joggers are sweatpants that had a makeover. Unlike their sweat-pant cousins, joggers aim to keep you cool and dry while exercising instead of inducing sweat! Joggers also fit better than the typical sweat-pant, as they form to the body and are tapered at the leg. This allows for everyday wear, as…

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12 Fun Underwear Facts

Dirt Squirrel Underwear Rear View

Need some interesting, fun facts for your next family gathering? Want some readings that will surely help you at the next pub trivia night? Well here we have it! 12 FUN FACTS all about the fabulous, extraordinary, totally unique, never been done before, never will be done again world of UNDERWEAR! We hope you enjoy…

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What is the best underwear fit or style for me?

Dirt Squirrel Boxer Short

So, let me get this straight, you’re (insert age here) many years old, and you still don’t know what’s the best underwear fit for you?! No?! Well, honestly, that’s okay, I didn’t either until the last pair of Costco underwear was torn off my body by an ex-partner of mine. The world of underwear can…

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Top 10 Underwear Jokes

Underwear Jokes

HEY SQUIRREL FRIENDS, As many (lol) of you may know, I LIVE for a good pun. I make them all the time, so unconcerned about whether someone else is going to laugh because I undoubtedly will laugh to myself. Every shot taken is a win in my opinion, but a good giggle to yourself is…

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Dirt Squirrel Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

Rainbow Christmas Gift

Hey Squirrel Friends! It’s that time of year again, when the snow comes a fallin’ the, carollers come a singin’ and jingle bells damn well ring! We know everyone needs a little extra love this year because, well, it’s 2020. So, if you’re not sure what to get that special someone, significant other, friend, lover,…

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How to Dress for Your First Hook-Up Like a Pro

Gay Hook Up Blog Post

Guest Article Written by Peter Minkoff Using a dating app to enrich your sex life is not taboo anymore. No matter how satisfied with our love life we are, all of us, from time to time, experience a one-night stand with a stranger. Such things often have a negative connotation, but don’t let this put…

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PrEParing for a Sexual Revolution

Dirt Squirrel x Freddie

This article discusses LGBTQ+ healthcare, HIV stigma and PrEP in Canada: Guest article written by Thomas Trombetta (@thomasigle) of Freddie PrEParing for a Sexual Revolution – How a Pill Can Take Fear Away from Sex: Since the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 80s and 90s, our perceptions of sexuality have been largely centered around fear, anxiety,…

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