Dirt Squirrel Summer 2014 Collection

\"I\'ll let you in on a tidbit about myself - when getting ready for a night on the town I often think about what underwear I\'m going to wear prior to anything else! Further proving the utmost importance of a good looking pair of underwear are Daniel Lypchuk and Wade Hopwo, the founders and creative minds of the Vancouver-based underwear company, Dirt Squirrel.

The mens undergarment industry was not something Lypchuk and Hopwo had their eyes set on innately. Having been enrolled in university studying Sociological Research and Business Marketing, the boys weren\'t different from any other post grad, slightly broke and scared yet determined to make a life for themselves. Combining their knowledge and expertise together, Lypchuk and Hopwo aimed to create a brand that celebrated the moral inconsistencies and promiscuity that all individuals in their age bracket tend to possess.\"

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