Homorazzi March 2014

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There are two things I never feel guilty spending money on: local businesses and great underwear. Move over Andrew Christian there\'s a new player in town! Introducing Dirt Squirrel, a Vancouver based company that promises to \"protect your nuts\" with their line of high-end men\'s underwear.

Two adorable boys, Wade Hopwo and Daniel Lypchuk, who were both born and raised in the Vancouver area, started the company. After graduating from university, the boys decided to take a casual idea and make it a reality and Dirt Squirrel was born.

Their first line features three sexy styles in a variety of colors, a fierce galaxy print, and they\'ve got more new releases on the way. Check out the pictures from their first line, which feature the holy trinity: food, booze, and boys!
Made from 95% bamboo fiber, this underwear is easily some of the softest and best fitting underwear I have ever worn. Also, this galaxy print makes my wiener look like it\'s in outer space. Bonus!

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