Boo, You Wh*re Fan

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Teasing and ghosting – it’s a lifestyle.


Full fabric print.
12″ long x 20″ end to end when expanded.
Makes that loud clack sound you’re looking for.

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This Boo, You Whore fan will sweep you off your feet with nostalgia and grab everyone’s attention with its loud clacking noise and adorable design. This fan is made with bamboo ribbing and durable fabric for a loud clacking noise that will be sure to turn heads and have all eyes on you. Don’t pretend that ghosting doesn’t happen year round or that you don’t ghost people either. What goes around, comes around, but what better way for you to call out this injustice than with a cute, but cutthroat hand fan that says it how it is: boo, you whore! You will find this fan perfect for all sorts of occasions including, but not limited to, brunches, clubs, bars, concerts, dance floors, circuit parties, drag shows, beaches, cabanas, pools, hot sunny days, birthdays, church and so forth. Show all the mean girls who is boss with this spooky and fabulous accessory by Dirt Squirrel Co.