Botany Fan

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For all the plant parents out there! 

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Express your deepest desires with this loud, durable and fortified hand fan by Dirt Squirrel. This thworp fan is made from sturdy bamboo and nylon fabric that results in a loud “clack” when flicked open. The perfect accessory for keeping cool when you’re breaking a sweat, soaking in sun rays, dancing, relaxing or simply making a sassy point. Live your best life and be the life of the party with this signature Dirt Squirrel fan!


  • Full Digital Print
  • 13″ (33 cm) long or 20″ end to end when fully opened
  • Makes that loud clack / thworp / crack sound you’re looking for
  • Durable nylon fabric and strong bamboo spokes with screw-less rivet attachment
  • SAVE $$$ with a Multipack, available in packs of 3 here!


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This botany fan will show your dedication and love for plant keeping. Emblazoned with the images all of your favourite house plants including cacti, monsteras, birds of paradise, pothos, ferns and figs in all their glory, so you can take them everywhere. Add it to your ever-growing collection now!