Grandma’s Couch Fan

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Straight out of Grandma’s living room and into your hand. We love a groundbreaking floral moment.


Full fabric print with black bamboo rib.

12″ long x 20″ end to end when expanded.

Makes that loud clack sound you’re looking for.

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You remember Grandma’s couch complete with bold floral print in pastel colours. This design is an homage to Grandma’s furniture, which you will always remember fondly. You will find it nostalgic. Florals are a groundbreaking design, which is why you need one of these fans in your collection. Everyone loves a floral print, therefore you should be in full bloom. You have your eye on it, so do it for Grandma, because she would have wanted you to carry this sensible accessory.

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Dimensions 33 × 3.5 × 2.6 cm