Grey Face Mask

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Dirt Squirrel face masks are eco-friendly, reusable and fashionable! Each mask is adjustable at the nose and the ear allowing for a perfect fit. Please wash and reuse these masks, so we can help eliminate unnecessary waste! ***May come with different label than pictured or no label, depending on availability***

Using PM 2.5 filtration technology, this mask will filter out 95% of airborne particulates such as dust, pollution and dander, while using a filter insert. PM 2.5 filters can be used for up to 80 hours, at which point the filter then can be removed and replaced with a new, fresh filter.


  • Personal or professional travel
  • Public events or gatherings
  • Outdoor or front line workers
  • Those with sensitive lungs or allergies
  • Protection against airborne irritants


  • 1 reusable/washable Dirt Squirrel Face Mask
  • 1 PM 2.5 filter


  • Most people will fit size Regular
  • If you are petit or have a small framed face, we recommend size Small
  • Measure from the middle of the bridge on your nose to just under your chin. If this measurement is around 5 inches or less, small is appropriate for you.


These face masks are NON-MEDICAL, reusable face coverings, with activated carbon and multi-layer air filtration.

Proper mask care should be practiced to maintain the integrity of the mask and filtration system. Wash hands before and after touching the mask, avoid touching the mask while wearing, wash the mask regularly (every 4-5 days or whenever damp/moist from use) after use and clean in a hot wash with soap to sanitize (remove the PM 2.5 filter first) or UV light sanitization.


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