Thank U, Next Fan

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Teach them love, patience and pain.


Black fabric and white printing with black bamboo rib.

12″ long x 20″ end to end when expanded.


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The thank u, next fan was inspired by a pop princess that you are most likely familiar with. This fan will let people know that they have served their purpose and, therefore, you are finished with them being in your presence. It a polite yet very sassy way for you to dismiss your ex’s, enemies, co-workers, family, friends or anybody who you are not vibing with. This fan is made with black bamboo ribbing and is printed on sturdy fabric allowing for a loud clack when opened. You may have also seen the thank u, next fan gracing your television screens on TV shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race, Dragula or The Whole Package. This fan is also perfect for festivals, clubs, brunches, dinner parties, concerts, sun protection, cooling down, turning up – you name it, it is probably still perfect for it. You might find this fan also works perfectly as a gift, but make sure to also grab one for yourself!