Rave Fans, Festival Fans, Circuit Fans, Oh My!

rave fan circuit fan festival fan

We’ve all been to a rave, circuit party or festival, feeling euphoric as we lose ourselves dancing, absorbing the energy around us and feeling the music in our bones. In these moments, we can let go and move our bodies until there are beads of sweat dripping down our faces. While getting lost in the…

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How to Clack That Fan | Dirt Squirrel

How to Clack Thworp Fan Cover Photo

Our thworp fans have been featured on some of our favourite shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, Dragula and The Whole Package. On TV, opening a Dirt Squirrel fan and getting the perfect “CLACK” sound looks really easy. That being said, over the years, we have had an overwhelming amount of people asking us for instructions…

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Feature Product – Liquid Dreams Fan

Liquid Dreams Fan

Feature Product – Liquid Dreams Fan This week’s feature product is our “Liquid Dreams” fan named after the classic 90s hit song “Liquid Dreams” by O-Town who gives a fantasy-induced shoutout to some of our favourite divas including Destiny’s Child, Madonna, Janet Jackson, J-Lo, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Cindy, Tyra and Halle. This five piece…

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