Buying the Best Underwear for your Partner – What to Know

buying underwear

Buying apparel for a partner can be somewhat of a challenge, especially underwear. Let’s face it, when you’re buying for a partner, you’re likely also buying for yourself. After all, you want the finest underwear to ensure your partner is always looking their finest. There are a particular set of challenges that are often faced…

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12 Fun Underwear Facts

Dirt Squirrel Underwear Rear View

Need some interesting, fun facts for your next family gathering? Want some readings that will surely help you at the next pub trivia night? Well here we have it! 12 FUN FACTS all about the fabulous, extraordinary, totally unique, never been done before, never will be done again world of UNDERWEAR! We hope you enjoy…

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Top 10 Underwear Jokes

Underwear Jokes

HEY SQUIRREL FRIENDS, As many (lol) of you may know, I LIVE for a good pun. I make them all the time, so unconcerned about whether someone else is going to laugh because I undoubtedly will laugh to myself. Every shot taken is a win in my opinion, but a good giggle to yourself is…

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Feature Product – Arctic Boxer Briefs

Arctic Boxer Briefs

Find Your Northern Lighting This week’s feature product is our arctic boxer brief. This print is part of our nature collection, which includes our pacific north west and desert prints that can be purchased as a multi-pack or individually. All of these prints will make you seem super down to…earth. The Arctic Print showcases the…

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