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What are Joggers?


To put it simply, joggers are sweatpants that had a makeover. Unlike their sweat-pant cousins, joggers aim to keep you cool and dry while exercising instead of inducing sweat! Joggers also fit better than the typical sweat-pant, as they form to the body and are tapered at the leg. This allows for everyday wear, as they appear less dumpy and are socially acceptable if worn in public settings unlike sweatpants, which just come across as lazy and unfashionable.

Joggers were born out of the athleisure trend, which includes clothing that bridges the gap between exercise and everyday activities. That means you can look sharp and keep comfortable while doing anything from running to grocery shopping or even a night out! Functionality and its finest!

Our joggers are made from a stretchy, premium cotton fabric with embroidery details, ykk zippers, elastic waistband and ankle cuffs. This allows for flexible, slim fit that will accentuate your best assets and comfortably move with you during any activity. Currently, we offer these joggers in onyx black, steel grey and olive green to ensure they can be paired effortlessly with most tops and be adopted seamlessly into any wardrobe.

If you are looking for the perfect go-to pant that will have your back (or bottom) through all of life’s adventures, joggers are the perfect choice! Much like tattoos, after trying out your first pair you will likely end up with more pairs in your closet.

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