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Buying the Best Underwear for your Partner – What to Know

buying underwear

Buying apparel for a partner can be somewhat of a challenge, especially underwear. Let’s face it, when you’re buying for a partner, you’re likely also buying for yourself. After all, you want the finest underwear to ensure your partner is always looking their finest.

There are a particular set of challenges that are often faced when setting out to buy underwear for a partner, such as, buying the correct size, knowing the preferred style, finding the most desirable fit or colour, the ideal fabric and something that fits their lifestyle. This is a quick guide to help make the process of finding the “perfect pair” easy and breezy!


The most opportune way to figure out your partner’s underwear size is to take a sneak peek at the tags of their existing underwear. Of course, if they own Dirt Squirrel there’s a high likelihood that a tag won’t be available for reference, as ours can be ripped off with ease to avoid any discomfort and be more aesthetically pleasing. Another good point of reference would be to check the waist size of their pants, as the underwear will likely fit as follows:

28-30 inch waist = small

31-33 inch waist = medium

34-36 inch waist = large

37-39 inch waist = extra large

40-42 inch waist = double extra large

Of course, if you’re still unsure, underwear containing elastic will make up for any sizing discrepancies, as they are much more forgiving and shape to the body.


The style of underwear someone wears, is completely subjective. Some people stick to one style they love and never stray, while others love to change things up depending on the day or activity they’re participating in.

Our catalogue has an assortment of popular styles such as boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, jockstraps and long johns. Our experience is that most people don’t know how much they like a style until they give it a try, and there’s no better time to try a new style of underwear than when that underwear is gifted to you! With that said, this is the opportunity to also buy for yourself whether that’s to simply revamp your partner’s wardrobe and be rid of old underwear or turn up the heat with a new jockstrap that will have them looking sexy and sporty!


These are the more finite details of choosing underwear. When it comes to how the underwear fits the body, try and go for something sleek and form fitting. Underwear should not be baggy or loose, as that will look frumpy and dumpy. You can rest assured that so long as the fabric is premium quality, snug fitting underwear will be the comfiest and also prevent creases or lines from showing through when worn.

The colour of the underwear is another personal preference. Black is a timeless and classic choice that works for any occasion along with other neutrals such as grey or white, but we advocate for a pop of colour when it comes to underwear! Maybe even a pattern such as our nature prints! Why not have fun with this? After all, underwear is hidden under pants most of the time anyway. The best way to ensure you gift a colour your partner will love, you will love, also while also taking risks we recommend trying out our multi-packs that will allow you to choose a personalized assortment of Dirt Squirrel underwear at a discounted price.


Underwear is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off every day, hugging your most treasured regions. For this reason, comfort ranks high in importance. Comfortable underwear for men involves a front pouch with plenty of space, a smart cut to sit well on the body, as well as a soft, breathable fabric such as bamboo fibre, which we use for all of our signature pieces. Of course, there are other premium-casual options available such as high-end cottons like those used for our boxers and long johns or nylon blends like the one used for our jockstraps.

Lifestyle Match

The ultimate goal would be to find underwear that works for all activities from working out to working from home, lounging on the couch or a night out on the town. We firmly believe that our underwear provides just that. Our fabrics are light weight, breathable, form fitting, bacteriostatic, soft, durable and are all blended with elastic for guaranteed comfort! Which style someone wears for any given activity is subjective, so if you’re still on the fence about what to buy, perhaps the best option would be to go with a gift card. You can even take 20% off with code: THEPERFECTPAIR to take stylistic risks and spice up your drawers, literally and figuratively.

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