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Bamboo Briefs are a sexy, sustainable gift that’s always in style

Dirt Squirrel Purple Brief

Bamboo briefs and for that matter, underwear in general, are the new latest craze to sweep the underwear industry by storm. Just by its nature, bamboo fibre fabric is the perfect choice of fabric to use for underwear! At Dirt Squirrel Apparel, the predominant fabric we use for our underwear is bamboo fibre. This allows us to create a truly spectacular product that has now been sold around the world for years. So what’re you waiting for – grab the gift that keeps on giving, support for the family jewels that is!

Each of our bamboo underwear products comes in a variety of colours and fit options. Our most famous underwear as seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Whole Package, is our sexy bamboo briefs and boxer briefs. These are sleek looking pairs of underwear that give the wearer a boost of confidence down under. They provide a fun pop of colour depending on your style and both of our fit options provide support for the family jewels and unparalleled comfort that will last the whole day.

Bamboo fibre fabric is traditionally SUPER soft and our underwear is no exception. The fabric has a soft silky touch that glides on and off the skin. We like to say that it will feel like an angel is cupping your nuts. True story. Bamboo fabric is also moisture wicking and anti-microbial by nature!

Eco-Friendly products are also becoming more popular than ever. Bamboo fabric is one of these products that falls into the eco-friendly category and part of the reason we use it so much! Bamboo forests can regenerate in as little as 30 days, which makes it a truly renewable resource.

Our underwear is available individually or in multi-packs of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10! The more you get the more you save! You won’t regret having an underwear drawer stocked with Dirt Squirrel underwear. You can grab some of our underwear by clicking here.

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