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Day #1 Filming: The Whole Package

Day #1 Filming: The Whole Package

This is Dan and I (Wade), the owners of Dirt Squirrel Co. We are ex’s who started this business together four years ago over an ambitious Skype conversation during our last year of university. We starting dating when Dirt Squirrel came to fruition then dated for the next three years before ending things. It left us in a complicated position, but we found a way to keep our little project alive without killing each other. We are thankful that we managed to werk it out, because we would have never had the opportunity to embark on our most recent project with OutTV.

OutTV is Canada’s only LGBT television network with cool and campy shows such as Dragula, Hey Qween, Big Freida: Queen of Bounce and more. Now, Dirt Squirrel has a show of its own to the roster: The Whole Package – a modelling competition where the winner will become the next spokesmodel of our brand.

Pictured above is a photo of Dan (left) and I (right) meeting our wonderful hair and makeup artist, Meredyth for the first time. When the show was first pitched to us, we didn’t know what to expect or what we had gotten ourselves into, but starting the day getting pampered kind of puts you at ease. But it is reality TV, so maybe that’s how they get ya!

The first day of filming was a whirlwind experience. Dan was definitely living his best life. I was freaking out a bit. Our cats were running around everywhere being little brats. Come to think of it…pretty much your typical day at the Dirt Squirrel office.

The next step is to meet the models at a different location. Vancouver doesn’t have a huge gay populace, so we are interested to see whether we recognize or know anyone. Apparently we are starting the competition with more models than we initially thought, so the odds of knowing someone are higher. We’re just hoping that there is nobody that makes this experience a nightmare for a hot minute before we end up having to give them the boot.

Stay tuned, I guess.

-Gossip Squirrel

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