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Dirt Squirrel embroidered sweaters are a fun take on a classic crewneck

Witchy Embroidered Sweater

Everyone has a classic crewneck sweater in their wardrobe, it’s a staple. If you don’t, then what are you doing?! This item can be dressed up and dressed down, allowing for a casual elegance and unparalleled comfort. A crewneck is (most often) a comfortable multi-purpose sweater, after all! We’ve taken the crewneck cut and tweaked it to provide a modern take on this classic!

Our oversized crewneck sweaters are made with premium terry cloth cotton, which is a GREAT fabric for all seasons. Layer it in the winter or throw it on over a t-shirt in the summer, no matter the situation, it will work for you!

The fit lends itself to the typical ‘boyfriend’ fit girls have been accustomed to, and for men we’d describe it as a looser fit sweater with oversized shoulders. There’s room to move around and to be comfortable. Best of all, they come in sizes XS to 3XL!

We could stop there, but we like to go one extra step. We took our luxe oversized crewneck cut and embroidered them with super fantastic, never been seen before line art designs. There’s one for every personal style, too!

For the plant lovers we have the Botany Sweater, inclusive of the ‘I LOVE BOTANY’ disclaimer your favorite flora, fiddles and cacti – OH MY! This one is a MUST for every plant lover.

Next up we have our Witchy Sweater, which is a team favorite. Blessed with magic and embroidered with all the things a witch could need, this sweater is a show stopper. You can always use a little more magic in your life, after all we’re the sons and daughters of the witches they never burned!

Got a bone to pick with someone? Do we love pre-historic d…..inosaurs? Well then, this clay-coloured sweater pops with more bones than one can handle! Dinosaur bones are embroidered in line-art style all over for this totally cool prehistoric classic! Check out our Embroidered Dinosaur Oversized Crewneck HERE!

Last, but definitely not least is our clearly extravagant gay sweater on a lovely lavender colour. Embroidered in white, the designs consist of the gay necessities: abs, heels and melting popsicles. Take a dip in this pool, the boys are waiting!

View all of our sweaters here!

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