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Being a trend setter is hard work…sigh…and like everyone else we are also excited for the summer season which graces us with tons of new music! The season of extra Vitamin D (no not that one!), margaritas, pool parties and bad decisions can’t go without a fun playlist of jams to set the tone to your summer day. We really love music at Dirt Squirrel, we’re nuts about it (pun intended), so we’re giving you a little look into five songs that we’ll be grooving to this summer.

I like It: Cardi B, J Balvin, Bad Bunny

Cardi B continues her amazing run to the top of the music world with an homage to her Latino roots. Using a sample from the 1967 classic “I like it like that”, Cardi B lets us know about her love for the finer things in life, “I like dollars, I like diamonds and those Balenciaga’s, the ones that look like socks!”. Accompanied by Latin stars J Balvin and Bad Bunny who provide rough and dreamy Spanish vocals, the trio present an amazing Latin infused banger that will make your waist move in ways you never knew possible. The perfect song when you’re at peak party mode and accompanied by the always fun Tequila ; ) This song is the definition of caliente!

One Kiss: Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa

Now you might have heard this one a few times already – but it’s a song that seems to still be reaching its apex and might very well be the song of the summer. At Dirt Squirrel, some of us admittedly we’re not so keen on this track at first listen. After a few listens though it becomes almost impossible to not sing along with Dua Lipas’ sultry and seemingly effortless performance. Calvin Harris gives us a minimalist retro house vibe production but it’s the way he elevates Dua Lipa’s voice to seemingly blend in and be a part of the beat itself that makes this a certified summer gem on any playlist. Perfect for those roof top patio vibes, margarita in hand with a beautiful sunset. Thank you, Calvin, ☺

Ghost Town: Kanye West, PartyNextDoor, Kid Cudi, 070 Shake

Kanye will be Kanye and putting aside his antics, we are vibing super heavy to this standout track from his latest album Ye. West delivers his trademark production arranging a beautiful and intricate quilt of a song from four diverse vocal performances. The song echoes with sounds of soul, R & B, folk rock and hip hop centered around the subjects of honest self reflection, acceptance and optimism in a truly beautiful way. While we wouldn’t include it in a party rotation, it lends itself as the perfect song for hiking, camping, lounging and summer road trips like the ones reminiscence of your pre-social media childhood. As the song says triumphantly, it will remind you of “the kids we used to be”.

New Light: John Mayer

John Mayer? A summer jam? Usually we save this guy for fall when people ghost on heavy cuddling sessions. However, Mayer seems to have found the perfect lane for his talents to transition to a good, modern and fresh pop song this summer. Aided by No I.D, the powerhouse hip-hop and R & B producer for artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake and Rihanna to name a few. Mayer seamlessly blends his vocals overtop a light and funky guitar riff and fluttery drum synths which gives us a feel good, LA summer night kind of song that is so easy to sing along to. Word of caution – the music video to this song is comedy gold, so listening to the song before seeing the visual will make you appreciate this cute little jam in all its groovy glory.

Audio – LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo)

Newly formed pop trio group LSD gives us a strong single here highlighted by the fun electro pop production. Sia opens the song with her signature and distinctive vocal tone which never fails to impress. Labrinth adds catchy adlibs to compliment Sia’s vocals but its Diplo’s work behind the boards that really gives this song that pop of sound perfect for any summer day. We can’t help but want more of this addicting LSD trio. If you’re someone who enjoys a good ear-gasm, look no further.

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