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Dirt Squirrel's Breathable Bamboo Underwear - Keep Your Nuts Cool

Dirt Squirrel's Breathable Bamboo Underwear - Keep Your Nuts Cool

Since the inception of Dirt Squirrel Co., choosing the perfect fabric for the underwear we had designed was imperative. Generally speaking, *almost* all humans wear or have worn a pair of underwear, and can relate to each other on some level regarding the importance of not only style, fit and cut, but also the difference a premium fabric can make for day-to-day wear. As young, underwear aficionados, we were keen to delve into selecting the ideal fabric for ensuring comfort, durability, environmental sustainability, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing. After scouring through and researching different garments, fabrics, reviews and testimonials, we landed on a 95% bamboo fibre + 5% spandex blend that we feel provide a premium-casual experience from purchase to final wear.

We confidently and excitedly made this fabric our go-to for our entire basic line and beyond. We learned that bamboo fibre has micro-gaps, which make it moisture wicking and softer than your average cotton. Not only is it so soft that it will feel like an angel is cupping your nuts, but it is also known for its eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, sweat absorbent and insulating qualities. That means it makes for an excellent choice whether you’re lounging around at home, running errands, exercising or anything in between. It is also known to be a natural deodorizer, so if you’re naturally musky, bamboo fibre underwear may end up being your best (squirrel) friend!

The cells of bamboo fibre are derived directly from bamboo plants. This is where their environmental sustainability really shines, as it is an outstanding biodegradable, prospective green fibre made from one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Some bamboo species have the capability of regenerating to 36 inches within a 24 hour period or reaching full maturity in just 90 days! If money ever grew on trees, we’d hope it grew in the bamboo forests whose resilience is second to none. Until then, you’ll have the settle for the next best thing: underwear growing on trees, which you can find here.

All jokes aside, we truly feel there is not a better fabric we could have chosen to make our Dirt Squirrel underwear come to life. Since choosing it, we have never looked back unless we’re checking our asses in the mirror. We feel it remains the perfect choice for not only yourself and your family jewels, but also the environment. While you may be killing two birds with one stone, you’ll also be helping those birds live their best damn lives. If you haven’t already done so, we implore you to give our bamboo underwear a try and understand what it feels like to be an easy, breezy and bangable, Dirt Squirrel.

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