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Dirt Squirrels Nylon Mesh Jock Straps leave just enough to the imagination – mystery is sexy.

Dirt Squirrel Army Green Mesh Jock

Squirrel friend! Have you ever wanted to wear a pair of underwear with holes in it? No? That’s okay, we likely wouldn’t either. But in this case, we ask you to think again! Introducing our Nylon Mesh Jock Strap, the only underwear meant to have holes!

These mesh jocks are made of a stretchy nylon fabric that hugs the body in all the right places and reveals JUST enough to let the wearer feel their voyeur fantasy. Also, FYI, your entire bum hangs out – but that’s the point!

Our vibrant and bold jocks come in a range of fun, bright colours from topaz blue to high-lite yellow, cherry red to army green and of course, deep black and steel grey. These jocks are SO comfortable you will not regret testing them out. You can try a few colours at a discounted rate by grabbing our jock multi-pack available here!

Jock-straps are a fun way to feel sexy about yourself and give your play partner something to fantasize about. The mesh we have used adds an extra element of allure for those who are playful on the inside AND out. With that said, jock-straps aren’t just for play! They can make you feel invigorated on a night out with only you knowing what’s going on down under OR they can provide you the ultimate support and comfortability while going through your work day. You decide how to wear them best because ultimately, they’re for you! There’s no wrong way to wear a jock-strap.

If you’ve never worn a jock strap before, that’s okay! It’s always fun to experiment and try something new, and it’s never too late to start! We like to say these mesh jock straps leave just enough to the imagination! 😉

You can view our entire jock strap collection here.

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