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Feature Product - Arctic Boxer Briefs

Arctic Boxer Briefs

Find Your Northern Lighting

This week’s feature product is our arctic boxer brief. This print is part of our nature collection, which includes our pacific north west and desert prints that can be purchased as a multi-pack or individually. All of these prints will make you seem super down to…earth.

The Arctic Print showcases the rare spectacle that is the Northern Lights – visible on occasion in Canada where Santa Claus lives (this technically isn’t true, but it’s literally in our backyard) just past the neighbourhood full of igloos, moose, beavers and unnecessary apologies. Is it too late now to say, “sorry”?

These polar lights are a rare, natural phenomenon that few people ever get to witness. Imagine looking up to see a sky full of colourful lights and patterns created by electrically charged particles and magnetic forces entering the earth’s atmosphere. Breathtaking. If you really want to make like Destiny’s Child and lose your breath, try a pair of these boxer briefs on. Just like the lights, they will leave you feeling electrically charged and make you a magnetic force irresistible to anyone who sees you standing, or with your legs up, in them.

They are a soft polyester and spandex blend that is form-fitting with our signature 1.75 inch “Dirt Squirrel” waistband. This fabric also allows for the design to maintain its integrity – never shrinking or fading after being washed. This will ensure you remain the brightest light in the room, catching everyone’s eye while continuing to feel bold and fresh every wear, everywhere.

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