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Need more hand fans? Well, JOIN FAN CLUB!


Hey Squirrel Friends, did you come to us looking for our iconic bamboo hand fans? Did you want to THWORP your way to the top with this extraordinary fun piece of pop culture? Did you want to CLACK, CLACK, CLACK your way to annoying your friends with a totally sick printed fan design? Did you want to CRACK it open at the right, dramatic moment? Yes? Do you need to cool off while dancing at a circuit party with a bangin’ circuit fan? Are you a Drag Queen that needs to make a fierce entrance?! Well, we thought so and we now have you covered more than ever!

Dirt Squirrel Apparel was one of the very first companies to popularize the hand fan that has now become a pop culture phenomenon! The very first Shade Fan that was available on the market and that we created was first seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race and is still one of our most popular designs that we still sell today! You can check this fan out here.

But now, some new, bigger things are in store! We’re here to let you know that MORE FANS ARE COMING! How FAN-tastic?!

We’re super excited about the launch of our new endeavour, JOIN FAN CLUB. Our new branch of Dirt Squirrel will showcase the best and newest fans available, all with the same quirky and stylish designs we’ve become known for. Having them separated will allow us to hone our visions and provide the very best version of products for you. If you join us on this journey, you’ll also see some new colourful singlets and super fun crop tops showing up really soon.

Join Fan Club launched May 15th 2021 with 50+ NEW, ORIGINAL fan designs. We hope you love this new concept and new fan as much as we do! Stay tuned for new drops and new fun items exclusively at

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