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Top 10 Underwear Jokes

Underwear Jokes


As many (lol) of you may know, I LIVE for a good pun. I make them all the time, so unconcerned about whether someone else is going to laugh because I undoubtedly will laugh to myself. Every shot taken is a win in my opinion, but a good giggle to yourself is just as good even if the haters think you cray.

If you have not heard (what rock have you been living under), we sell some FABULOUS bamboo boxer briefs, some super sexy briefs, and some colourful jockstraps that leave A LOT to the imagination (jk, they don’t).

Thus, I present to you: Dirt Squirrel Co.’s Top 10 Underwear Jokes (Exclusively decided by me, Daniel, without any other consideration. Why? Because why not.)

  1. What type of underwear does Laura Croft wear? FRUIT OF THE TOMB (LOL – I literally laughed out loud the first time I heard this and Wade *actually* rolled his eyes at me)
  2. What type of underwear do Lawyers wear to court? LEGAL BRIEFS (LOL)
  3. Some people change relationships like the rest of us change underwear. At least once a day, sometimes more if shit got messy. (ew but v real lol)
  4. What do you call new underwear? UNSHARTED TERRITORY. (EW. BUT, LOL)
  5. What do tight underwear and a cheap mansion have in common? NO BALLROOM! (relatable, am I right?)
  6. What type of underwear do long distance runners wear? MARATHONGS (bahahaha)
  7. Look under there! Underwear? (HAH)
  8. What is underwears favourite salad? Wedge. (I ain’t never heard no one that wanted there salad wedged, just tossed)
  9. Watcha eating under there? Boxers or briefs? (LOL)
  10. Which unknown fashion designer covertly wrote the stylish best seller, Underwear Problems? Lou C. Lastic (hehe)

Well there we have it folks! I hope you enjoyed the jokes and my thoughts in parentheses!


(PS. Jokes were gathered from around the internet! I didn’t make ‘em up. You literally can’t make this stuff up. Literally. Can. Not.)

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