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Top 5 gifts for Gay Men

Top 5 Gifts for Gay Men

Do you need to get your friend the best gift ever, but you’re not quite sure what? Well look no further, here’s our totally extensive, but not exhaustive list of top 5 gifts for gay men!

  1. Underwear: If you haven’t heard this old wise tale before – you best believe. Gay’s men LOVE their underwear. They typically know what niche brands they like, what fits they appreciate and what cuts and colours work best with their style. There’s a whole world of options out there hidden beneath people’s pants. Sometimes when only you know what you’re wearing – that extra excitement will add some pep into your step. At Dirt Squirrel Apparel, we have LOTS of underwear for men: long johns, briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts and jock straps – check them out HERE!
  2. Sassy Hand Fans: Fans took the world (and community) by storm over the last couple years. They are a fabulous statement piece that makes an even the largest of entrances grander. Whether you hate the CLACK CLACK CLACK sound that hand fans make or not, they’re here to stay. They come in a bunch of different unique designs with prints ranging from rave fan classics to hand fans designed for Drag Queens. Clack fans, also known as hand fans, bamboo hand fans, drag queen fans and many, MANY others can be used for ALL occasions – a birthday party, wedding, drag show, rave or festival – you name it, it’s appropriate. Check out our selection of over 75+ hand fans HERE!
  3. Unique Accessories: Accessorizing is in and always will be. You can’t let your neck go bare or that wrist arrive at a party without a watch or bracelet. Accessories can add an extra element to an outfit, giving it some necessary pizzaz. They are also great at making subtle statements or showing your fashion prowess. Check out our accessories HERE and see if anything sparks your fancy.
  4. Fun Apparel: Some gays LOVE a graphic print – and while they’re not for everyone, different prints attract different people for different reasons. Apparel that is fun, out there, or bold allows the wearer to showcase their personal style. Wether it’s a top or bottom, something different will surely spark their fancy. If you’ve never tried a crop top – maybe now is the time? What about a fun, sexy singlet? Whatever the occasion, be sure to dress your best! Check out our Dirt Squirrel Men’s Apparel HERE!
  5. GIFT CARDS: Let’s face it, gays know what they want. So give them the gift of whatever the hell they want. Some people think gift cards are impersonal, but what if you don’t know what to get your friend? Do you just randomly guess and get them something you THINK they would like? Or, do you give them the gift of choice. Giving a gift card still shows though, as you have to choose a product or brand you think they will resonate with. BUT – you’re giving them the choice of what to pick out. It’s really a win-win. Give your friend a Dirt Squirrel gift card HERE.

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