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Top 5 Underwear Styles for Men

Top 5 Underwear Styles for Men

Long gone are the days of dad’s gross boxers that your mom bought for him at discount. While there’s nothing wrong with living frugally, there IS something to be said about wearing a nice, crisp, bold piece of underwear. No one else can see it, no one else knows what you’re wearing, but you know. So, here’s our list of the top 5 underwear for men!

  1. Brief

    Briefs are great for those that want a snug fit and every one of their bits held in place. They offer a secure experience while still being super comfortable. There are also hundreds of cool, fashionable briefs for men these days – they’re not just for kids anymore! Briefs can be sexy for a fun evening, or functional for an athletic workout.
  2. Boxer Brief

    Boxer Briefs are perfect for those who want a little more room than briefs offer, but still have a snug and secure fit, keeping everything in place. The average length of mens boxer briefs’ hit mid thigh, and help with chaffing between the legs. They’re great for most uses included athletic, lounging, sleeping and work.
  3. Jock Strap

    For the risk takes? Nah! Jocks are for everyone these days! They offer an incredibly comfortable, snug fit and come in an array of fabrics, styles and patterns. Only you know what you’re wearing underneath your pants, so why not pick something fun and dress up for YOU! Jocks can be used during intimate moments, for athletic purposes or just as a casual underwear replacement!
  4. Boxer Short

    Boxer shorts are great for those guys who have bigger assets, such as sa large bum, or thick thighs. They give a little more room for the wearer and are not as tight / snug as it’s brief and boxer brief counterparts. Typically they have a button fly and no elastics at the crotch / thighs. They are a comfortable choice great for lounging or day-to-day activities.
  5. Long John

    Long johns, also known as long underwear, are great for colder climates or out door sports. They provide full length protection down to the ankle, and often have a button fly. You can layer them to keep cold in the winter months, or use them for athletic purposes under shorts.

At Dirt Squirrel, we use only the best premium fabrics (like bamboo – which is SUPER SOFT) and the most comfortable cuts for our underwear. We respect products that can last the test of time and have endeavoured to do that with every product we have created. You can check out our fabulous underwear selection for men, HERE! We have the BEST mens underwear, we promise.

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