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Vancouver Guardian Homegrown Business: Dirt Squirrel

The Vancouver Guardian, a Vancouver-centric online lifestyle magazine focusing on arts, culture, food, history, lifestyle & more recently interviewed one of Dirt Squirrel's founders in order to feature the brand, learn more about their journey and how the company came to fruition. 

We are elated to be recognized as a Vancouver start-up that has found success in the apparel industry, and are happy to share our story for anyone else who may be dreaming of following their own dreams or making their own business come to life. While it comes with many challenges, the most important thing is to understand that you will learn as you go and mistakes are inevitable. However, if you hold on to your passion, persevere and pour yourself a stiff drink at the end of a frustrating day, you will eventually be drinking to your accomplishments! 

For more advice, insight and Dirt Squirrel history, make sure to check out the interview article that Vancouver Guardian has published. Also, make sure to read until the end for the pay-it-forward question where we spotlight another local, queer entrepreneur. Any guesses who? Check it out here!



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