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We believe the best boxers briefs are soft, sustainable and sexy

Dirt Squirrel Apparel

Here at Dirt Squirrel Apparel, we strive to create the best underwear ever. You heard that right – EVER. Our underwear comes in a selection of super soft fabric, many bright and bold colours and some fantastic fits. We have underwear that will suit everyone and every body’s needs.

We also believe that the best boxer briefs are soft, sustainable AND sexy. How do we do it? Well, let us break that down for you.

When selecting underwear, the fabric HAS to be soft. This is because many people wear their underwear for the whole day and some people wear them a little longer…. but we don’t judge!

Our collection of underwear is mostly made with bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre is an up-and-coming fabric that has recently been gaining traction in the fashion world for several reasons. First, it’s soft. It’s SO soft. The more you wash it, the softer it gets. Enough said. We like to say here at Dirt Squirrel that our underwear will feel like an angel is cupping your nuts.

Second, bamboo as a raw material is easy to produce and regenerates incredibly quickly. Some varieties of bamboo can regenerate in as little as 30 days. This is an obvious eco-friendly choice that helps our environment and allows companies to be eco-friendly, yet provides the consumer with an alternative choice to the traditional cotton varieties.

Lastly, on top of being soft and sustainable, the underwear HAS to be sexy. You want to pull on a pair of underwear and feel like the best version of yourself. Our boxer briefs and other distinct underwear cuts can meet these needs. They are snug, but not too tight. They provide support, while also providing stretch and movement. They come in a variety of colours and most importantly, make you feel confident, comfortable and SEXY.

If you haven’t already, go check out our underwear here!

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