The biggest weekend for us homos is here y'all.

Peel yourself away from your last minute costume details and check out what your favourite Dirty Devils are doing this Halloween. Season 2 of Dragula premieres on Halloween night. In case you missed it, Dragula is the freaky, twisted and deranged younger step-sister of Drag Race that stays locked in their room listening to Marilyn Manson and learning dark spells.
It\'s creepy and glamorous and is the perfect way to kick off Drag season. It\'s Sharon Needles wet, weird dream. It's I\'ll-fuck-your-brains-out-then-eat-them realness.

So this Halloween, after the weekend of wildin\', tune in to Season 2 and watch for your favourite panty producers. Dirt Squirrel will be sponsoring this sick, dark fantasy and our fab fans will be out and proud… make sure you keep an eye out. If you\'ve got some of our fans we suggest you get them ready cuz this weekend is gonna be filled with hot, steamy creepiness. Go out and scare your neighbourhood kids- they probably deserve it.

Dragula Season 2:

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Meet the Queens of Season 2:

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