Make a STATEMENT with our Bamboo Clack Fans

Have you ever shown up at a party only to realize you’re the ONLY one without a bamboo clack fan? No? Me either. But that’s okay, because you can be the one to start the trend! The trendiest are always ahead of their time, so choosing to make an entrance with a fan that speaks FOR you, is literally THE choice to make.

With a fan in hand and a flick of the wrist, the room will literally SCREAM! Whether it’s with anticipation for more or that you scared the bejeeeezus out of them is unknown, but does it really matter? Dirt Squirrel Bamboo clack fans (also known as thworp fans) are loud, commanding and take full charge of the room. With a word fan, they literally even speak for you. Be abrasive with the C*nt fan, be truthful with the Trash fan, show your true colours with a Breed Me fan and lastly I’ve ALWAYS heard it pays to advertise – Power Bottom Fan.

Don’t abuse the privilege, Squirrel friend. Clacking a fan is a fun, life-changing, totally unique, can and will totally be done again activity, but over-clacking is just plain annoying. Think of the ears! Think of the children!

So what’re you waiting for? Check out our thworp fans HERE! We have so many fun options for you to match to any outfit or occasion, and save $$$ with our MULTIPACK! Now, clack that fan!