Reflective Rainbow Fan

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Rainbow, but make it fashion.

Express your deepest desires with this loud, durable and fortified hand fan by Dirt Squirrel. This thworp fan is made from sturdy bamboo and reflective fabric that results in a loud “clack” when flicked open. The perfect accessory for keeping cool when you’re breaking a sweat, soaking in sun rays, dancing, relaxing or simply making a sassy point. Live your best life and be the life of the party with this signature Dirt Squirrel fan!


  • 13″ (33 cm) long or 20″ end to end when fully opened
  • Makes that loud clack / thworp / crack sound you’re looking for
  • Grey fabric, high-vis reflective material changes colour to rainbow under light or flash with black bamboo rib.
  • Shows as dark grey fabric in regular light. Green and purple reflects begin to show as light catches it.
  • When exposed to blacklight or a flash, it comes to life hunny.
  • The rib is made made from black bamboo.
  • *Due to the nature of this fabric, natural creases may occur along folded areas*



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This rainbow reflective fan is made from a high-vis reflective material that appears grey in regular light and delivers an electric rainbow pattern when exposed to bright flashes of light. This fan is made from fortified bamboo for ultimate durability and the perfect clack. Hold magic in your hands.