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What did you come to do? 


Black fabric, white font, red box with black bamboo rib.

13″ long x 20″ end to end when expanded.

Makes that loud ‘clack ‘ sound

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The slay fan is for those who own who they are and serve a level of confidence all day, every day. You will find this fan perfect for strutting yourself and proving to everybody that you a special individual who means business. This slay fan is made with black bamboo ribbing and printed on durable fabric for a perfectly loud clack! You have have also seen this fan gracing your television screens on shows such as Rupaul’s Drag Race, Dragula and The Whole Package. This fan is something you may also find handy for multiple occasions including, but not limited to, serving down sidewalks, strutting into clubs, making fierce wind on a dance floor, accessorizing with your favourite outfits, concerts, brunches, dinner parties and the like. There truly is never a bad time for you to have a fan like this in your hands. After all, if you dream it, you can do it and there is nothing that is going to make you and everyone else believe that more than having this fan in your hands!