Vancity Buzz February 2014

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Men are beginning to realize taking care of their business is a head-to-toe, outer to inner layer process.

But here\'s a wake-up call: underwear is the foundation of your appearance and if you are garbed in garbage, it has a funny way of seeping out to the surface and affecting your confidence.

Enter Vancouver-based Dirt Squirrel, a new line of high-end men\'s underwear made out of bamboo fibre that provides a soft, heavenly touch while keeping butt cheeks tight and securing the goods. It makes you feel like you\'re wearing nothing at all.

To keep updated with the latest Dirt Squirrel news you can find them on FacebookInstagram (@dirtsquirrel)Twitter (@dirtsquirrelinc) and of course their website: They will be expanding their line of underwear in the near future.

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