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How to Clack That Fan | Dirt Squirrel

How to Clack Thworp Fan Cover Photo

Our thworp fans have been featured on some of our favourite shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, Dragula and The Whole Package. On TV, opening a Dirt Squirrel fan and getting the perfect “CLACK” sound looks really easy. That being said, over the years, we have had an overwhelming amount of people asking us for instructions and examples for how to create the most impact with just the flick of a wrist! That is why we decided to put together a handy instructional video for anyone who is wondering the same thing. Learn how to CLACK THAT FAN!

This tutorial is presented by the drop dead gorgeous, Gia Metric alongside some of our favourite Dirt Squirrel models including Lyle, Zaya, Tyrel and Julien. The magic of getting the right “THWORP” is getting a good feel for your new toy and also relying on gravity and that limp wrist God gave you in order to really make that magic happen. After that, it’s all about repetition and practice, but not so much that you annoy everyone around you; don’t display horrible fan etiquette. We all know that person, but don’t let their existence spoil your own fan cracking experience.

For quick reference, here are the steps:

Now that you have the information necessary to become a world-class fan clacker, head on over to Dirt Squirrel and find a fan to start practicing with or maybe a few! Also, if you know anyone who is in desperate need of immediate help with this skill, forward them to the video, put a fan in their hand, pat them on the back and tell them that they, “know what to do”.

Happy clacking, cracking, swishing, flicking and thworping, Friends!

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