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Rave Fans, Festival Fans, Circuit Fans, Oh My!

rave fan circuit fan festival fan

We’ve all been to a rave, circuit party or festival, feeling euphoric as we lose ourselves dancing, absorbing the energy around us and feeling the music in our bones. In these moments, we can let go and move our bodies until there are beads of sweat dripping down our faces.

While getting lost in the moment and the crowd, it’s nice to have a gust of refreshing wind to reinvigorate yourself and those around you. When the music takes over and the beat really slaps, it’s fun to play along and make some noise yourself. In the moments when you’re really feeling yourself and your outfit slays, it’s best to put a cherry on top with a coordinated accessory to draw some attention to it. It’s in these moments when a hand fan comes in perfectly to save the day and keep the vibe going. In a sweaty crowd, fanning some Beyonce wind another person’s direction is the quickest way to make new friends!

When choosing a rave fan, circuit fan or festival fan you want one that is durable and delivers the right amount of drama. It’s also important to choose one that not only matches your outfit, but is reflective of your personality. Our Dirt Squirrel fans are made from fortified bamboo for long-term use and a loud “clack” when opened. They open 20″ end to end to reveal either solid colours, marvellous prints or cheeky words and phrases. Which one you sport is completely up to you – even better, you can bundle a trio of fans together in a personalized multi-pack for a discounted price, so all of your FANtasies come true!

Fans with words or phrases are great to add a little extra drama or tongue-in-cheek comedy to an outfit. They’re pop culture, they’re sassy, they’re the moment and they’re always great conversation starters or a way to make people laugh. Our most popular word fan is our original shade fan – the first of its kind, complementary to almost any outfit and understood by everyone. Other favourites include our daddy fan, c*nt fan, slay fan, oh honey fan and not today satan fan. Of course, there are other great choices such as our, “looking for a sugar daddy with a boat” fan or “we were rooting for you” fan and more.

Print fans provide a more upscale, fashionable take and are more a piece of your outfit. They’re not only great for raves, festivals and parties, but also for neutral, everyday use such as basking poolside, lounging on a beach, spectating a sports match or a patio brunch. Some of our most popular patterns include the witchy fan, black rainbow fan and floral fans. There’s something for everyone and every situation – check them out to see which one fits your life best! Last, but not least, are our solid bamboo hand fans. If you’re worried about being too flashy, these are the best option for an all-purpose accessory! Pair these with any of our favourite outfits for any occasion and it’ll werk! Our classic solid black and red fans are our most popular, but there are also more flashy solids like our vinyl fans or reflective fans that add extra lustre and element of surprise.

Whether you’re looking for a rave fan, festival fan, circuit party fan and beyond, we have you covered! Take a look at all of the designs we have available and keep an eye open for new designs being added throughout the year. Of course, you can’t have too many hand fans in your collection. If you are looking to add some extra pizzazz to your wardrobe, use the code: FANME for 20% off your next fan order. It’s a purchase you won’t regret!

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